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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Finishing Up a Scrap Quilt

 Looking at these big blocks on the design wall I can see that the idea was to randomly build a log cabin starting with odd sized rectangles for the centers.  I can see that I was switching from warm colors to cool colors.  I believe the idea of this block was to cut the blocks in half and piece them back together with a different piece.  I think the next step was to cut them again the other direction and piece two different ones together again.  That step has not been done, and looking at them, I am not sure I want to.  I don't feel like it will make the overall design any more interesting.  Instead - I am finding the whole thing looking very green.  I think I will instead add warm color strips on two sides before sewing them all together.  Above is the pile of warm colored strips cut and all ready to be sewn on.
 I laid everything out so I would stay on track with my plan.
It didn't take long to sew the strips on.  When I had a piece that was too short I set it aside and when I had several of those, I sewed them together end to end to make a longer strip.

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