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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

"Five Sisters" Mixed Media Collage

 Here is another mixed media piece - it is 20 x 15".  Paint, collage, block print, screen print, stenciling,  pencil and ink.

When I put these things up on my blog - it really does help me see things with a more critical eye.  I thought this was so fun - looking at it in my studio, but I see it falls a bit flat in the photos.  It would benefit from a bit more depth and maybe more thoughtful placement and choices.  I like the idea behind this piece, though - and I already have more ideas for expanding this theme....  (do you know I have five sisters and no brothers?  - so this could be a very persona subjectl!)


Vicki Miller said...

I love it. the sky is such a beautiful contrast to the fabrics in the dresses.

textilesfromscratch said...

I love this composition! It's fun and really drew my eye in. Reminded me of some work by Linda Colsh. Look forward to more like this and am also enjoying your small, mixed media work.