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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Leaving Winter

 We needed to get away from all this winter and Joe and I headed south earlier this month.  Here are some pictures taken from the car as we drove.  The top two are from the stretch of road between Casper and Rawlins, Wyoming.  The temperature was about 22 below zero.  The middle picture is from the road near Rock Springs, Wyoming.  There was black ice on the road here, and the wind was blowing snow across the road.  Lots of trucks on this stretch of I-80.

This last picture is from the road as we passed from Wyoming into Utah.  We drove two days in the snow and cold.  We made it to Las Vegas the second night, and were in shirt sleeves during the time we were there.  We left the snow behind just as we passed from Utah into Arizona. 

I'll be sharing more pictures from our trip now that I am back in the USA, where I have access to Internet (we have been without electronics for 3 weeks while staying on the beach in Mexico!)

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Quilting Dee said...

Superb photos! I cannot imagine how cold -22 is! We head north to Northern Australia when we freeze at 10c in the south!