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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Cruise Ships at Skagway

 There were multiple enormous cruise ships docked at Skagway.  We were there for about 24 hours and saw several of them come and go.  They pulled in, tied up and people poured off the ships and out into the small historic town of Skagway.  The town is all set up for tourists with multiple train tours, bike rentals, and endless souvenir shopping, many restaurants....the atmosphere around town was very carnival-like for a while - then - suddenly - everyone would be heading back to the ships and the town would quiet down.

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The Idaho Beauty said...

Back in the 70's, there were several kids from Skagway at my college that I got to know. And then there was the guy from Colorado who's dream was to end up in Skagway riding the White Pass and Yukon RR (he had a thing for trains). So here were these Skagway kids trying to get away from their isolated little town while this other saw reaching there his life's goal. And he did. And I believe he is still there, driving one of the tour car/buses and entertaining with his singing and guitar playing. I'm not sure that he's doing it anymore, but when he first arrived, he did do a stint on the White Pass & Yukon, as tour guide dressed in period costume, telling the history (often in song) and pointing out places of interest. This post has brought back all those memories!