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Monday, March 12, 2007

Painting and Complaining

Sometimes, I feel like I never get anything accomplished. But I woke up this morning with the realization that I AM getting things done. I am just not getting much art finished. Chilly outdoor temperatures and babysitting my grandson have kept me inside. I've actually been doing a lot work with paints. Here are some of my recent pieces.

This first piece will probably be called "It Takes a Village" - relating to the concept that it takes a village to raise a child (thinking about that grandchild again!). I contemplated putting a tiny child somewhere in the painting, but opted not to do that. I will add that later if I decide it needs to be there. I used Elmers Glue Gel as a resist for the Village and Red Flowers pieces. I was a bit disappointed when I noticed that in a few spots, the paint bled through the resist. I am not sure what I will do about that, but think I may be able to compensate for it some way with stitching later on. Today, I plan to wash out the resist. I am thinking I don't want the white lines in the village and am considering overdyeing the entire piece with MX dyes in a gray color. I don't know what will happen. Has anyone tried that before? I am hoping the dye will not penetrate the fibers that are coated with paint. I realize it might dull the village a little, but that might be OK. It is pretty bright. Any suggestions?

The warm sky piece is planned for a landscape piece I have in mind. I intend to put a mountain range on the horizon and a river winding in the foreground. I painted some mountain fabric, but it seems too bright and I may need to paint some more today.

The evening sky piece is intended as a background for a red rocks piece I have in mind. I did a series of Zion pieces (mostly postcards) last fall, but I am thinking about Bryce Canyon and Monument Valley as inspiration for this piece.

I am auditioning my red rock fabrics in the final image. I think what I have on hand is too bright. I guess I will have to paint some more, or overpaint what I have to make it duller. The temperatures are supposed to reach 70 degrees here today. If it is not too windy, maybe I can take my fabric painting outside. That would be a real treat!


Terry said...

I love the village piece and would leave it as it is. I think the white lines work really nicely with the bold, bright color you have used. It is charming. I think overdying with gray will not only dull it, but make the yellows really dead.

Just one opinion---

Tanya Brown said...

I have just filled the crevices of my keyboard up with drool, thanks to looking at your village piece.

If I have to buy a new computer it is your fault!