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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Side Effects

I have found myself increasingly annoyed by the frequency of pharmaceutical ads in the media recently. It seems impossible to watch television, or open a magazine without being blasted with propaganda from drug companies. One thing that really amazes me is the list of side effects that always accompanies the advertising.

This quilt is my personal response to all the pharmaceutical propaganda.
For the quilting, I listed side effects of various drugs, written in stitches. I found most of these side effects online. Others were gleaned from advertisements.


Beverly said...

I share your feelings about the pharmaceutical ads, and I love what you've done with that frustration!

PaMdora said...

I understand what you're saying about the ads, but think it's interesting that you've created something beautiful out of pills. When I was a kid, I would spend lots of time pouring over my dad medical books. I especially liked the pill section because of all the wonderful colors, and I espeically liked the capsules that came in two colors.