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Monday, March 12, 2007

Turning Scraps into Art

I've taken the next step with my scrap art. Last month, I sorted through my scrap bin and organized the various sizes and shapes of scraps into color groupings. Last week, I screen printed and quilted two of the neutral color pieces. These are experimental. I wanted to see how well I could integrate screen printing with random piecing of random fabrics. I hoped the screen printing would tie it together, but I am not sure the single tree is subtle enough to do that successfully. Maybe more screen printing in another color? Hmmm. . . .

Well, I like them, but don't think they are dazzling pieces of art. These will go into a commercial building, and I think they are adequate public building art.

The second quilt was not screen printed. I just quilted it in a series of parallel lines within large triangles and rectangles.

The border fabric was not a scrap, but was painted specifically for these pieces. I hope to get the binding sewn on them today.

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