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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Popart Roses

This is another in a series of wholecloth Setacolor painted, Elmers Glue resist pieces. The lines are actually a type of design that shows up regularly in my doodles. I was not really going for flowers when I started, but it looked like flowers when I was finished with the resist lines, so I painted it as such. I am enjoying using complimentary colors these days. I filled in the white lines using a marker. I think this piece would be much improved by the addition of beads, however, I am not really sewing beads these days because the baby is on the move. He crawls, walks, and climbs. He gets his hands on everything and seems to put everything in his mouth. I can generally be counted on to drop a few beads or spill a whole bunch of them. So no bead sewing right now. Otherwise it is finished.


Vicki W said...

Very nice! I love complimentary color palettes.

joyce said...

It's gorgeous. I love your colors.