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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Beartooth Llama Trek - Day 4

This day, we left the llamas staked in a grassy area near our campsite at Spogen Lake and set off for three high lakes known as Cloverleaf Lakes. So named because they are grouped like the three leaves of a clover.

We passed by Kidney Lake, Heart Lake, and Liver Lake (pictured below)

Below is a picture of Marmot Lake, also known as North Hidden Lake (depends on which map you are looking at). We passed this lake on the way to Cloverleaf Lakes. This is a lovely lake that would make a nice base camp. I am keeping this one in mind for a future trip.The wildflowers were in bloom. Their brilliant colors were a vibrant contrast to the warm shades of the granite stone formations.

Our highest point of the day was on this side hill overlooking Cloverleaf Lakes. The view from here was spectacular.

Cloverleaf Lakes, shown below - it is possible to barely see all three lakes.

We found a nice patch of snow, and Jeanne began to build a snowman.

We each made a small snow person, and enjoyed a cool break with a terrific view.

A lot of large rocks in this area appear to be very precariously perched.
Cloverleaf Lake with Indian Paintbrush in the foreground.

More precariously perched boulders.

Cloverleaf Lakes outlet.

Rugged Mountains

All these pictures, and we had not even eaten lunch yet! I'll continue with more from this glorious day in the next blog entry.

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