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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

My Dad's 80th Birthday Party

On Saturday, we drove north for three hours to Denton, MT for my Dad's 80th birthday celebration. Here is a picture of a hay field just a few miles north of Lewistown. I loved the look of the round hay bales scattered across the landscape with the Judith Mountains in the background.

My dad is a cowboy. Here he is listening to about 60 people singing Happy Birthday to him.

There was a great picnic with lots of good food and good company.

Lots of adorable little kids were there running around.

Some of the kids took the time to eat.

There was a football game after lunch. It was super hot - probably around 100 degrees.

My parents have six daughters. From left to right they are: Becky, Jackie, Me (Cynthia), Karen, Kathy, and Shirley.

Here we are with our spouses.

Here are my parents with all their grandchildren and one great grandchild.

There were horseback rides available for all interested.


joyce said...

What a wonderful day you all must have had. Your Dad is a lucky man!

Carol Rose Parker said...

Cynthia, I found your blog on the Favaorites List of the Spirit Cloth blog, which I found on the Gooseflesh blog.... isn't that the best way?

I love Montana -- have traveled there several times from Illinois when I was married, and have left a piece of my heart there. Alas, I spend most of my time in the East due to my passion of French & Indian War reenacting.

I loved your irrigation quilt, and was charmed that you used your granfather's textbook. Family ties are so important. I appreciated the photos and information about your father's 80th birthday. My parents lived to be 92 and 93, and it was a blessing to have them so long, but more painful, I think, because not having them after so many years leaves a large hole. I know they are with me all the time, anyway, so that's good. I talk to my mother all the time (we were so close), and she gives me her wisdom even yet. You are now on my list of favorites, and I shall visit often. Thank you so much for sharing it all!