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Saturday, August 4, 2007

Irrigation Plan Quilt Finished

Yesterday I was able to devote some time to working in the studio. I managed to start and finish this piece - which I will call "Irrigation Plan". It was inspired by a challenge generated by my small art quilt group. The challenge was to turn to a certain page in a book of your choice, and design a quilt in response to a specified line on the page. Page 110, line 9.

I selected a college textbook that belonged to my grandfather. He graduated from Montana State University in agriculture and was a county extension agent after graduation. Then, he went into agriculture himself. His knowledge of irrigation practices was so extensive that he was called to act as an international consultant. When I was born in 1956, he was stationed in Jordan, where he was overseeing the installation of an irrigation system for that nation.

I still have the telegram my dad sent to my grandparents announcing my birth.

This quilt is an adaptation of the illustration on page 110 showing a farm plan for integrating the contour check method and the rectangular check method of irrigation. The idea of this type of irrigation plan (I do understand a bit about irrigation, having done it myself) is to use the contours of the land to create even distribution of water across a field. Gravity is factored in.

The quilt measures 24" square.

This is the first time I have made a quilt entirely of hand stamped fabric. My quilting stitches are intended to represent the contours of the land. I think this design might be more striking done in solids, perhaps pieced more randomly in the background. And maybe with a greater contrast either in value or color between the ditch lines and the field. Nevertheless, it is finished and I am pleased. I may do another sometime to see if my ideas for improving the design are on track.


Vicki W said...

What a nice piece - I see a series starting here.

zquilts said...

What a great piece .. the possibilities are endless with the theme !

Lisa Walton said...

You have created a wonderful quilt and have certainly met the challenge.

Robin said...

I love the linear effect you have with the stamping motif, quilting and blue lines. I'd like to see it bigger and rectangle. I also like how you carried the design right to the edge. Lovely piece!

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jude said...

this is wonderful.

Carol said...

I love this piece. Great job.