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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Hellroaring in the Beartooth Mountains

Early Sunday morning, everyone piled into our Honda Pilot and we headed for the Beartooth Mountains, which are about 45 minutes to the Southwest from Billings. We planned to do a day hike from the Hellroaring Trailhead. There was a bit of smoke in the air, making things rather hazy, but it was otherwise clear and mild. Here is a picture from the trailhead, which is at the edge of a large plateau. Hiking here involves walking a mile or so across the plateau before you can drop down to the basin that is filled with lakes. Many of the lakes have trout in them and we planned on fishing.

The Hellroaring Road is extremely rough, narrow, and steep. It should not be attempted unless your vehicle has high clearance, good tires and 4 wheel drive. Below is a picture taken from the top of Hellroaring Plateau. It is possible to see both Hellroaring Road and the beautiful Beartooth Highway, which winds up the mountain on the opposite side of the valley.
By the time we reached the trailhead, Elizabeth was feeling ill. After a while, we realized it wasn't just car sickness and we needed to take her back home, so we didn't hike or fish as planned.

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