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Friday, August 24, 2007

Day Three - Beartooth Llama Trek

We planned to spend three nights at Spogen Lake. This meant we would leave the llamas staked for grazing while we took day hikes. Wednesday was a warm day, and the smoke was lingering, making the landscape look hazy. We decided to try our luck fishing at Trail Lake, just a mile away from our camp. The trail led us past Wright Lake, which was smooth as glass and beautifully reflective.

Trail Lake is a small lake, but very deep and clear. This lake is home of large Cutthroat Trout, which can be seen swimming below the surface while standing on the bank. We all tried our hand at fishing. Kathy and Jeanne caught our dinner. Nice big Cuts, beautifully iridescent. They have pink meat - much like salmon. I didn't catch a fish here, although I tried. I loved watching the fish swimming around in the water. Like an aquarium.

We walked to the west bank of Trail Lake to take in this view of Green Lake, about 1/2 mile away.

Walking back to our campsite, we took a trail along the north side of the lake, where the rocky bank was blooming with wildflowers.

There were a lot of beautiful flowers, sorrel, and grasses and we saw many different types of butterflies. I've been looking through my butterfly book and am uncertain whether this one is a Small Copper or a Fritillary.

After walking much of the day, I took advantage of the cool water at Spogen Falls.


sharon said...

thanks for posting the pics, the scenery looks fantastic & i love the rock cloth!!

Helen Cowans said...

Thanks for posting these beautful pictures of somewhere I might never get to personally! Helen