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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Heading West

Photos from our last visit to the St. Charles Oceanfront Property
I am starting to get pretty excited. Joe and I are leaving on Thursday morning for a west coast loop. We will be visiting family in Seattle and Portland, with a stop at the primitive oceanfront property that has been in the St. Charles family since the 1960's.
We love visiting this magical place.

It is very remote and primitive and difficult to get to. The roads and bridges leading into this area are mostly washed out. It takes over three hours to drive there from Seattle, some of it on a winding labyrinth of abandoned logging roads.

The property itself has eroded away over the years. A cabin that Joe's family used when he was a child has been eaten up by the coastline many years ago.

The trees grow like weeds and the forest is very dense. Very alive.

The waves are wild, strong, and very cold. We don't get in the water here. We just behold the overwhelming power of nature.
I have been to lots of beaches. All over the world. There is nothing else like this place. It is magical. I can't wait!

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zquilts said...

I have to agree about "magical". I feel that way about the entire pacific northwest. That's why I transplanted myself there 18 years ago !
Travel safe!