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Friday, May 16, 2008

Something Fishy

Rainbow Trout

One of my favorite summer activities is trout fishing. I am not so interested in catching the fish or eating them, but I love seeing them in the water!
As the weather warms, my thoughts have turned to trout, and so - I've begun a series of trout quilts.
This first one - is a bit of a disappointment. I actually finished it a week ago, but was so unhappy with it that I balked at posting images on my blog.

I decided to try some detail images and have found this piece much more interesting cropped.

All the fabrics were hand painted. The plant is Tyvek.

I've got another one in the works.

1 comment:

Laura Krasinski said...

Cynthia... I love your fish... The fabric is incredible.. did you paint it?