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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Weatherman Draw

Weatherman Draw
Joe and I took advantage of a beautiful day and took a day trip to the high mountain desert.
We drove about 60 miles south to an area of BLM (Bureau of Land Management) known as Weatherman Draw.
This entire region was once the bottom of a sea. When the sea disappeared - there was a lot of salt left behind in the soils and rocks.

Moisture brings these salts to the surface and leaves them as white alkaline deposits, seen here around this stream and as markings on the rock wall (below). We climbed to the rock wall beyond the stream to search for pictographs.

Sometimes the effects of erosion are darker colored as seen in this enormous rock. Parts of it have broken away to reveal rich color variations. This rock was probably 20' tall.

About half way up, we came across an overhang with some very interesting pictographs.

We think this is a buffalo. Note the line that appears to be going from the mouth into the belly of the animal.

This is what's left of a bear pictograph. The rest of the bear (which was very large, probably 4' tall) had disappeared due to erosion. It was evident that portions of the rock wall had fallen away.

This one is my favorite. It is a buffalo - most of the head / face is missing. I think the stomach has been drawn (similar to the other buffalo picture). I love the bird creature that is indicated within the boundaries of the buffalo figure.

Love this little horny lizard that crossed our path.

This rock is huge - probably 12' across. You can see Joe nearby for size reference. Erosion. I love it.

This area had clearly been the site of a raging river and waterfall. There isn't a drop of water in the area now but the effect of water on the stone is dramatic.

More water erosion in the same area.

Water erosion at Weatherman Draw.


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Anonymous said...

This is a very sacred area, especially to native americans. Various tribes from across the plains went to this area on vision quests. The cultural and spiritual significance of this area is beyond comprehension. I find it very interesting that you commented primarily on the geographical features. It's definitely a very special place.