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Friday, July 10, 2009

Feverfew in Bloom

A friend gave me this Feverfew plant from her yard. It is in full bloom right now.

The individual blossoms are about 1" in diameter.

I looked this up online and discovered it is in the chrysanthemum family. I am pretty sure it is a perennial or reseeds itself. It'll be interesting to see what survives the winter here!

Thanks, Alex!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Cynthia - Yes, this feverfew will reseed all over the yard. Some of mine are double like yours and some turn out to be a single daisy like blossom.
I just thin them every spring and let them grow where they like. The cut flowers will last a very long time in bouquets. I've just cut down and yarded up the roots of a bunch that have expired( 2nd year) but there's a dozen more new babies just sending up new flowers.