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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Indigo! Still Singing The Blues!

More Indigo Dyeing

The vat is still good after sitting a few days, so I decided to try some more items.
I did more elaborate shibori techniques this time. Above, on the clothesline - a long sleeve T-shirt, two silk scarves, and a raw silk jacket. Below, four arashi shibori scarves.

Here is the pile of unwrapped indigo dyed items - ready for pre-washing. I soaked everything in cool water for a few hours prior to washing with Orvis paste.

I am happy with the T-shirt!

Sleeve detail of the T-shirt below.

The silk scarves also turned out really great!

More indigo to come!


Debra said...

Your scarves have some really nice texture!

Carol said...

Love the Tshirt. It looks like bamboo!

Louise in SW Saskatchewan said...

ooooh, I'm loving the indigo work you are doing!!

What diameter of pvc pipe are you using to wrap things around?

Cynthia St Charles said...

Louise, I am using 2.5" diameter PVC pipe for my pole wrapping. This is a great size for silk scarves and fat quarters.