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Saturday, July 11, 2009

National Folk Festival

Well, here we are the the 71st National Folk Festival in Butte, Montana.
The event was kicked off last evening.

Since Joe came along to help, there was one slow moment when I was able to slip away to check out the performers at one of the stages.

A Chicago Blues band called Magic Slim and the Teardrops. Excellent!
There was a lot of interest. The booth was very crowded at times. We had a good steady stream of sales.
I haven't blogged much about the paper art I do . . . I added these fun paper covers to these blank sketchbooks. I thought they would be brisk sellers, but no takers last night!

The most interested people were, of course, fellow quilters. Sadly, they are rarely buyers, though. They want to chat and ask how things are done, but they nearly always walk away empty handed.


Beena said...

Oh! What beautiful, colorful eye candy! I love the pic with your Matisse!

Candied Fabrics said...

This is an awesome booth setup - looks great!!! How did your scarves sell - they are often the saving grace for my little business!

Louise in SW Saskatchewan said...

Your booth set up looks awesome, so colourful. It looks like you have something for every price range. I hope the "tire kickers" (those lookers that don't buy) come back on Sunday to buy before they leave!

I did my share of helping vendors have a good day at a Fibre Art Sale I went to yesterday at a Fibre processing mill about 2 hrs from here.........yummy rovings for me....... gorgeous fibres period!