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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Saturday at the National Folk Festival

This is the view south and down the hill from the Montana Arts Marketplace Area.
I was fortunate to have Parks Reese, a Livingston artist on one side of my booth. He paints humorous wildlife paintings and lithographs that are really wonderful. He brought in these new benches in which he collaborated with a metal artist. Joe and I really like the one with the cowboy riding the fish. One of the best things about vending is the camaraderie with the other artists. Parks brought up the idea of making a trade - his work for mine . . . we will talk later today and might be lucky enough to bring home a new piece of art!

On the other side, is this wool artist. He brought his spinning wheel and has been demonstrating the entire show. This has attracted a lot of interest. He does wonderful felted wool bags with fabulous handles - need to get some pictures for the next post . . . and I cannot recall the unusual name of his business. . . . will get that in another post, as well.

Just as the heat was getting uncomfortable, clouds rolled into the valley. We never had rain, but the sunset was spectacular!


Beena said...

Okay...the first time I tried to comment I got a weird erroe message. So here goes, again. Looks like the festival was great, and that you got to meet some other artists and get some inspiration. Love the benches, and hope the trade went well!

Kay said...

This looks like a fabulous event. I agree that one of the best parts of vending is meeting and talking with the other vendors. I've often thought that an interesting book could be written about the people who do art shows. There's such a range. Glad you had good sales.