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Saturday, July 4, 2009

West Yellowstone Wedding

My niece, Sara married Dave last weekend.
The setting was lovely. This is the Union Dining Hall in West Yellowstone. A rustic but classy old structure large enough to hold a crowd of 250 people.

There was a wonderful meal, then dancing. This is me dancing with my 82 year old dad. Yes, I made my jacket. It is silk organza with satin bands, shibori dyed.
The bridesmaids, bride and groom especially enjoyed the dancing - nonstop!

My parents have always enjoyed dancing - my father especially. But the music was not what they are accustomed to!

My niece, Morgan.

Nephews Liam and Pablo.

My mother with two sons-in-law.

The cousins had a lot of fun together at the wedding. Many of them were in the wedding party.

A little break in the sunshine with my grandson, Airus.
My cousin in law, Millie was wearing a scarf I made. She said this is her favorite and she gets compliments on it all the time.

Some of you may already know that am from a family of six daughters. We all made it to the wedding!

And here we are with our parents, as well as the bride. Mother of the bride, my sister, Karen is in the front row.

Sara with her five aunts! Fun times!

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YukonRose said...

Lovely bride and a fabulous coverup! :)