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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Block Printing a New Series

I was inspired by many things during our 4 day backpacking trip into the Beartooth Mountains. The water in the lakes along East Rosebud Creek are a rich color of blue green.
Not really trying to create something realistic - I hoped to create something representational in the studio.

I painted the background panel using Setacolor Transparent Paints. Once the paint was dry, I was ready to block print using my hand cut rubber stamps. I used a combination of transparent and opaque Setacolor fabric paints to achieve the undulating pattern of wind on the lake.


Diana Parkes said...

I think your print is great Cynthia

The Idaho Beauty said...

This photo caught my attention when you first posted it. It cried out to be inspiration and I'm happy to see you are using it as a jumping off point. The block printing looks good.

LaughingLG said...

This looks great. I think you've really captured the variety of light on water with your stamp and different paints.

Dahn said...

Very, very nice. That is a great stamp..