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Thursday, September 24, 2009

More for the Growth Thru Art Fundraiser

I had a few strips left over from the journals and I decided to try making something from the colorful remnants. I had a box of polymer clay faces I made several years ago, so I thought I'd try making some dolls that could be worn as a pin.

I borrowed a few ideas from the latest edition of Cloth Paper Scissors - an article explaining the process of converting a pipe cleaner into a decorative embellishment inspired the arms and legs of these dolls. The hair has been stitched in place using a big fat needle.

These were successful enough that I think I will try making a few more. But I am out of faces, so will need to make more faces as well.

1 comment:

Approachable Art said...

These are delightful and I have no doubt will fly off the sales table for your fundraiser. Good luck!