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Friday, September 25, 2009

Making Faces - Polymer Clay

Since my first doll pin prototype was satisfactory, I decided to make some more faces - I didn't have any more in the correct size.
3 year old grandson, Airus has played with my collection of polymer faces since he was very small. They always interested him, for some reason and he could be entertained for a very long time - just looking at them.

Anyway, he was here one day last week, and this turned out to be something we could do together. Age three seems pretty young for a kid to be so interested in modeling with polymer clay, but he asked me if he could make one - it wasn't my idea.

His paternal grandfather is a professional bronze sculptor, as is his biological father as well as several paternal uncles - all very talented (between them, most of the bronze sculptures in the area have been done by members of the family). No doubt, this is something Airus has in him. He is remarkably skilled with the plastic tools and he loved pulling the formed faces from the mold. He made a lot of colorful faces, while I tried to make mine somewhat flesh toned.

Airus did not want me to bake his faces, preferring them to remain soft and pliable. I suppose he will be recreating them again next time he comes over.

I rubbed some acrylic paints over the surface to emphasize the features. These are now ready for a body!


Lya said...

I think Airus did a very good job! After your first message about the faces, some time ago, I was able to purchase them, too: at JoAnn's, online (via an American friend, JoAnn doesn't send them to Europe)
Meanwhile I've made some faces and know how hard it is to put the polymer clay in the molds. It's not that soft clay as I thougth it would be. Well done, Airus!
Looking forward to see the bodies which you will design!
Lya from the Netherlands

Alice Stroppel said...

I'm a polymer clay artist and I wanted you to please tell Airus that he should continue to use the clay, his fingers will tell him what to do.
Your faces are wonderful as are your fabrics. Can't wait to see them together.
I also love your journals, the figures are terrific!