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Sunday, February 27, 2011

3D Leaves on Spiral Tree

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have not been satisfied with the lack of contrast between the leaves and sky in this piece. So how about adding some 3D silk leaves as embellishment?
I have had these hand dyed hand sewn silk leaves laying around my studio for years. They were made for another project - a garment - that never happened. I like the way they bring this piece to life.

Now I am not sure I like the white lines left behind by the glue gel. They are kind of distracting. I am thinking maybe they need to go. Filled in with a black or gray fabric marker, perhaps?
After that, some wool felt flowers blooming down on the ground?

Can you tell I am color deprived this winter? I always do my brightest work in the winter, and hey, it has been a long white one for us this year.


tiedyejudy said...

The silk leaves really add to the beauty of the tree, and I think experimenting with marking pens would be a good idea... maybe on a scrap first? Not sure about the flowers, tho... might detract from the overall composition, but what the heck... you could audition to see! We just got some more white here, but temps are due to go up next week... 3 weeks until Spring is officially here!

Virginia Crandall said...

Cynthia, you always keep experimenting until you work out the little things that bother you! The silk leaves make a wonderful addition and take card of the contrast issus. I think I agree about the white spirals (love the spirals, but maybe not in white). I'd start out with a light/medium gray fabric marker--you can always darken it. Good Luck!! Can't wait for the finished product.

Bee said...

I agree....the silk leaves add just the right amount of contrast. I also think that toning down the white lines a little bit would make the other colors pop even more. I love the bright colors in this piece!