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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Screen Printing for Pillows

A few weeks ago, I painted some fabric to coordinate with the sage green I painted in our family room walls. Now, I am screen printing that fabric with images of trees and shrubs. I decided to create a custom color by mixing brown, metallic gold, and black Speedball fabric inks.

I pulled some of my favorite screens of branches. The image above is a Thermofax screen adapted from a photo of a patch of chokecherry shrubs right outside our family room window.
The image below is adapted from a photo I took on a hike to Glacier Lake in the Beartooth Mountains. A forest fire burned through the area 20 years ago or so, leaving these ghostly trunks.


Angelcat said...

Wow, these are stunning

Ali said...

Thanks for sharing - these are truly gorgeous - and inspiring. Love the cottonwood ...