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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Art with Airus

4 year old grandson, Airus has chickenpox and so he was at our house several days while his parents worked. He wanted to do art together. He will do most of the art, but will then ask for help creating some part of it while he directs. Above, a map with houses, chicken and a chicken house. He drew the map and two of the houses. He asked Joe to make one of the houses. The chicken house is a collaboration - he made the house part, but needed help with the legs. Then he asked me to draw and cut out the chicken.

Above, his spiral drawing - he asked me to add to his drawing - so I did. It is fun collaborating with a 4 year old.

This map is almost entirely done by Airus - just a few of my spirals in the bottom right. (oops, I just realized I have this picture oriented wrong).

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Jeannie said...

Airus is an accomplished artist! I love his maps. I hope he is feeling better soon.