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Friday, February 25, 2011

Painted Felt Balls for Embellishment

From the very beginning, I planned to embellish my Spiral Tree Quilt with felted wool balls.
My daughter, Michelle is into wool felting and I commissioned her to do about 100 felted wool balls for me to sew onto the Spiral Tree. She used white wool - and I thought I wanted to add white felted balls to the tree (for blossoms), but now I have started thinking the blossoms need to be a color rather than white.
I did a little experiment with my Colorhue dye and Setasilk paint to see if either of them would effectively color the wool. I am happy to report that both products did a very nice job of coloring the wool without spoiling the texture of the felted ball.

The fuchsia is actually a felted ball that I cut in half - to see if it would stay together. I think I prefer the look of the half ball. I am thinking these will be centers for flowers in the foreground as well as blossoms in the tree.

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