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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Canine Background

More decision making on the Canine. Here it is pinned on my design wall so I can stand back and look at it. I don't do a lot of figurative work, but when I do, I have a rather goofy tendency to place my figures floating in air . . . .This is a chronic problem for me. Or is it a problem?

Maybe it is not the best, but it is what I do. I get all wrapped up focusing on the figure and I forget the ground until it is time to quilt and crop.

I know I could just crop this piece by removing the bottom 12" and bring the canine closer - that would ground him, but I really love all that space beneath him (is this why I always tend to float my figures?). So I am going to just quilt some plant life there and hope that works.

We shall see . . . stay tuned.

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