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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Graduation Quilt

We had a little break in the weather so I was able to get outside with this quilt and get a picture of it before I mail it off. This is a graduation quilt for Ben. He graduated last spring, and I made him a quilt, but then I decided to keep it because it was too short for his tall body (but also because I liked it so much and did not want to part with it). This one is a long twin size quilt. Ben is still living at home and going to community college so he doesn't need it for his dorm room yet, but eventually he will go to University and will use it, I am sure.

I used up a stack of 5" squares and 2" solid strips I have had in a drawer for 10 years or so.
Simple to put together, but I think the effect is quite nice.
Best of all - I really did use up ALL the squares and strips. (anyone who makes scrap quilts knows it seems like you hardly make a dent in your stash with a scrap quilt, but I keep at it year after year, and I do not buy commercial fabrics any longer, so eventually I think I might get it used up!)

The hand dyed back - as always - I use a good cotton sheet from Target. I stockpile them when they go on close-out.

This was quilted by Lois Hajenga from Moccasin, Montana. Lois is a member of my mother's quilt guild in Central Montana. She has quilted about 10 scrap quilts for me this year and I am really appreciative of her help.

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