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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Canine Quilting

I pulled this piece out of the stack of unfinished works and I hope to complete it soon.
It was drawn with glue gel a while back, and then painted with fabric paints, but it had not been quilted yet. This is one of a series of "predator" whole cloth painting/quilts done in an expressive style. Rough, expressive lines sketched with glue gel, then painted with bold, bright colors.

I finished the blue bear last year. I also have a purple panther and an orange lion waiting in the wings.
I find if I can just sit down and quilt an hour or two each day - it will get done. I am pleased with the quilting on his body, but I am not sure what to do about the legs, nose, and inner ears. . . . I would like to do a different pattern since the fur grows shorter there. I am contemplating leaving those unquilted or even doing some hand stitching there - maybe a little chicken scratch.
Input welcome.

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Virginia Crandall said...

I like the idea of hand-stitching--it adds such a "personal" finishing touch and would also be something to do in the evening while you recooperate from the day. You have been doing such a great job of completing previous projects while your home is in being reconstucted!! Can't wait to see the finished products (home and quilts).