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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Wild Turkey's at the Window

Small flocks of wild turkeys pass through our backyard many times a day. They are scrounging for food under the hanging birdfeeders. Sometimes we toss grain on the ground for them.

Some of them have become quite assertive. When they are not finding the nourishment they want on the ground, they come to the window and beg. They beat the window with their beaks and toss their bodies against the glass.

I admit, I have reinforced this behavior by going out and tossing seed on the ground for them when they beg this way.

The picture above shows several toms gathered at the window. They were knocking and looking in at us - waiting for someone to come out and toss some grain on the ground.

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Anonymous said...

When we lived in Emerald Hills, the turkeys would gather in our pine trees at the top by flying (gliding, really) to the tops from our retaining wall. The trees would sway and one by one they would glide back to the front sidewalk at the top of the wall. Quite a welcome show for this extrovert. Jan Myhre