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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spiral Tree Changes

If you follow my blog, you will know I have been working on this piece for several months. It is slow going on account of all the distractions with our home improvement projects.
I have been invited to enter an annual show curated by Dinner at Eight artists Leslie Tucker Jenison and Jamie Fingal. Last year's theme was "Beneath the Surface". This year's theme is "The Space Between". The size requirement is 36 x 48".

I actually had another quilt started for this show (something more serious, elegant and deeply meaningful), but I had to abandon that one because this one kept calling to me. I am struggling with the fact that it is so frivolous. I am struggling with the fact that it started with a silly doodle and the colors are SO BRIGHT! But I can't worry about that. I need to get it done because the deadline is looming!

As you can see, above - I have diminished the white lines left behind by the glue gel. I usually like to keep them as a design element, but I just found them distracting and too overpowering - so I filled them in partially with a black fabric marker. It is kind of amazing how much that changes things - no? (yes, I know it looks like I may have ruined it at this point)

I was just not happy with the way the block printed leaves looked against the sky. They were just way to subtle for me and disappearing into the blue sky. So, I stitched these lovely silk leaves in place - stitching only on the veins of the leaves - which makes them quite 3-D. A lovely effect, I think.
Now we're talkin'. . . .

No, it isn't finished yet. I am going to add some 3D flowers in the foreground, and shiny beads around the sun. Stay tuned!


tiedyejudy said...

I love how this piece has evolved, and think your changes have enriched the design. I especially like the 3D leaves! And frivolus is okay when the design calls for it... just shows you have a broad range!

Virginia Crandall said...

Wow!!! Love the new leaves--they add such great contrast against the blue sky. Also, the darkened spirals are still visable, just more subtle. Can't wait to see the finished quilt. You have been accomplishing so much in the midst of chaos! Hope the remodeling is edging toward completion; everything so far has looked spectacular.

Deanna said...

I really really like it!

Bee said...

I have enjoyed watching this piece evolve. The 3D silk leaves are a wonderful addition. I look forward to see the next step! Accomplishing so much on this piece while doing home improvement projects is amazing to me!