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Friday, June 24, 2011


A year ago, my 23 year old daughter left Montana for a commercial salmon fishing gig in Bristol Bay, Alaska. After fishing, she explored part of the state, and fell in love with Homer. She has been living there for a year and that is how long it had been since I had seen her.
She was between jobs earlier this month - and gearing up to go back to Bristol Bay for the salmon fishing season again. This was a window of time that I could conveniently visit her.
We met in Anchorage, and rented a car for a week long road trip looping through Alaska's limited highway system.

Our first destination was to be Denali National Park. We traveled north on the Parks Highway and these pictures were taken along the road to Denali.

This lookout was to be our first opportunity for a glimpse of Mount McKinley - the tallest peak in the continent. Alas. It was hidden in the clouds, but we had a good look at Mount Hunter and Mount Foraker (known in native lore as Denali's wife)

As we drove a bit further up the road, the clouds separated a bit and we were able to catch our first sight of Denali Peak AKA Mount McKinley. It is faint in this picture, but we were thrilled to see it at all.

Here are a few more scenic pictures from the highway.

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