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Sunday, June 5, 2011

The last of the Daffodils and Solar Dyeing

Last fall, I planted about 100 daffodil bulbs and this spring I enjoyed them. The last flowers are fading now and I thought I should get a few pictures in case I need a close-up for a project.

I enjoyed the sunny yellow patches scattered across the landscape. I must try to add more next fall! As I watch the blossoms fade, I remember that the faded flowers are useful in natural dyeing.
Last summer, I collected all my faded dried petals and used them in a Solar Dyeing experiment.
I wrapped vinegar soaked raw silk around the faded flowers and stuffed it into a Mason canning jar, adding water to completely submerge it. I left this out in the sun for 2 months. Above, you can see the result - a moderate beige colored fabric, with darker areas where the flowers touched the silk, and the very dark edges where the fabric touched the metal lid.

I actually did quite a bit of Solar Dyeing last summer, and I never did post my results on my blog. As the weather warms up - it seems like a good time to share some of my successes with plants growing near my house.

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