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Friday, June 3, 2011

Quilt Organization - Closet Cleaning

Since all the closets had to be emptied for our renovation, I took the opportunity to revamp my quilt storage system. Previously, I kept them rolled up and/or stacked up on a bed. This system was cumbersome, requiring a lot of handling to find the piece I wanted, and it tied up our guest beds. For now, this will be my didicated quilt storage closet. I have stacked the folded bed quilts in here, as well.
I do not take credit for this idea - I saw it on Melody Johnson's blog, Fibermania. After looking around town at various skirt hanger configurations - I opted to order 50 metal hangers from a retail store supply company - Store Supply Warehouse. They arrived very quickly and I am pleased with the quality - they are very sturdy and the clips grip the heavy quilts well.
I ordered 50 hangers and they are all full already. Darn - should have ordered more! (well some of them will be emptied when we start hanging art around the house.)

The only thing I do not love about this system is I am no longer keeping the hanging slat with the quilt. I store them in a 5 gallon bucket, with the name of the quilt written on each one.  I suppose I could thread a loop through the hole in the slat and hang this over the hanger, or clip it to the hanger, but I have not done this yet.


tiedyejudy said...

Great idea! BTW, one thing I have done with my slats is write the name of the quilt they belong to on the side. That way, if I need to transport them for a show, I can band them together and will know which one goes with which quilt when I get there.

Anonymous said...

If you have holes in the ends of your slats for hanging, loop a zip tie through it to make a loop and hang it over the hanger. Voila! From Dianna in Maui (Blogger will not let me post under my name for some reason!)

Judys Fiber Art said...

Here I thought I invented this system. It works great for me, but I don't make bed quilts, so nothing is over 40 inches. Isn't it great to just flip through them and see what you need? I store the slats right in the pockets. I do not need to fold.