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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Beartooth Highway in June - Snowy Vistas

As I mentioned in my last post, by this time of summer, we would normally be already planning our first dayhike in the Beartooth Wilderness (some years we are even hiking and fishing by this time!)

The snowpack is really unusual on account of a really cold wet spring that has caused much flooding around Montana.

This is probably the deepest snow we saw - near the Summit of the Beartooth Highway.

This view (above) is near Gardiner Lake (which is still completely frozen over)
Down closer to the Scenic Pullout - the snow is mostly gone from the roadside. Across the valley, you can see that Hellroaring Plateau and Mount Rearguard are snowcovered.


Unknown said...

Thanks for the pics! It is so beautiful/spectacular/awesome! Bruce is on his way to Cody tomorrow night, and he and my uncle are taking a road trip up to Glacier. I'm following on 7/3 for two weeks. I wonder if it will even melt this summer at this rate?

Jeannie said...

Wow! That is impressive! I presume Going to the Sun Road has similar snow pack. Odd, odd weather year for sure.