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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Solar Dyeing with Wild Mint and Hyssop

Last summer, I did a number of experiments with Solar dyeing. In these images, you can see the fresh plants I wrapped in vinegar soaked raw silk - Wild Mint, Hyssop, Marjoram and Burdock.

This is not one of the better colors I achieved, and the picture certainly does not show much - sorry. the color ranges from a dark grayed tan to a very pale yellow green. If I had not used silk - I doubt it would be interesting at all, but the weave of the silk is really nice, and the shading is very delicate on these fabrics.

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Cynthia Schelzig said...

Hi Cynthia,
wonderful work you show here on your blog...fabulous quilts, wonderful fotos....
outstanding indeed.
Greetings from Germany,