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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Fusing the Binding for Hot Flash

Here is the fabric I have printed for the binding. It already has the Mistyfuse fused to the back. It is ready for me to cut into strips for the binding. I cut it with scissors to create an irregular edge.
Then, I cut it into pieces about 4" or so. There are a lot of different colors and prints on the quilt and I have tried to match them to some extent.

Below, you can see the yellow circles have been extended from the body of the quilt out to the binding. The rest of these pictures show the binding after it has been fused into position on the front of the quilt.

The binding fabric does not have any quilting stitches on it - that is how you can identify it in the pictures here.

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Virginia Crandall said...

Really facinating, Cynthia!! I've never seen this particular process of making a quilt binding before you used it on "Stone Wall." I love how simple it seems, but soooo effective--carrying aspects of the center out into the binding. Thanks for sharing.