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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Yellowstone Valley Vista Screenprint

I came across this screen print while I was cleaning up my work table. I had originally printed it over a year ago, and had put it aside. This screen is adapted from a very old book of mountain valley sketches that belonged to my paternal grandmother. It is a handmade booklet 28" wide x 10" tall (bound on the left). On the cover - in hand printed letters it says,"Maps from Hayden Survey Gallatin, Madison and Yellowstone, Vol 2 1872"

I traced a map / sketch of the Yellowstone Valley, enlarged it, and created a series of Thermofax screens that could be printed side by side to create a panoramic view of the Upper Yellowstone Valley.
This valley - also known as Paradise Valley is very special to me. I lived in this valley for 10 years, and built a log home there (1979-1989).

I printed it onto a blue hand dyed cotton and colored in the print
with watercolor crayons, but had not finished it.
I think I will try to do something with this piece now - rather than putting it away in a drawer.

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