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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Raw silk companion for Olive

I was digging through a drawer, looking for something with a little bit of olive green in it.
I pulled out this hand dyed and overdyed raw silk that was probably done about 8 years ago (give or take). This, I like with the olive green deconstructed screen printed fabric.

I think there is enough visual interest here, that I will probably not need to do any additional printing to make this work. What do you think?


Sue Dennis said...

It is a very busy piece of fabric & works well with the quieter tones in the olive piece. I'm sure you can enhance either/or of these with your great printing!

knutty knitter said...

That is much better :) Looking good even.... should be an interesting piece when done.

viv in nz

luanne said...

Hi Cynthia, just discovered your blog when I fell in love with your chickadees quilt on the cover of QA this month. Am enjoying reading through your past posts -- what a wealth of information & inspiration! Love the colors on this new silk friend you found for Olive.

Was wondering, what sort of wood do you use to mount your rubber gasket carved stamps? I'm not too handy with a saw, nor is my husband, so hoping it's not too tricky!

Thanks & so glad to have found your work.

Cynthia St Charles said...

When I was using that technique, I used laminated particle board. It does not warp. That was only because it was what DH had on hand as scrap. I have actually discontinued using the rubber gasket material on account of the product available locally has changed and is very difficult to work with. I have switched to buying the 1/2" thick rubber stamp material available from most art suppliers. It is super easy to carve. My hands get a lot messier when printing, though, because it is thick enough to use without a wood backing.