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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Final Deconstructed Screen Print Panel

 Last, but not least!  Here are two panels I printed with the same screen.  The one below was printed first - you can tell because there is more white in it.  That is because there was more dried dye on the screen.  The dye broke down more with each print until I was getting a rather large triangular blob with each print that I didn't like very well.  I think these are both nice whole cloth pieces
 And you can get a better sense of them in these two detail images.  The one above is closer - maybe a 7" area, while the one below is more like 12".
I did all my printing on 60" wide cotton broadcloth that had been presoaked in soda ash solution and line dried.  It was chilly the days we did this, so we batched the fabric by rolling it up in plastic and putting it into a cooler containing gallon jugs of hot water.  We left this overnight before washing out.  I did a first rinse in cold water before washing out with hot water and Synthropol.  Thanks for coming along on this tour of my deconstructed / breakdown prints.

Now what to do with them all?  . . . And maybe an even bigger question . . . How do I stop?  Warmer weather is coming and I will probably set up and do some more of this deconstructed or breakdown printing during the summer!

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tiedyejudy said...

Very nice! I got my first screen started yesterday, and hope to test it this weekend. Not sure if the circles (I used your method of drawing circles and swirls with the back of a spoon) will show up much, and may have to adjust the recipe on my thickener. But at least I'm trying it again! Thank you so much for all your wonderful pictures and posts on breakdown printing! Stop? Good grief, why? Too much fun!