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Saturday, May 19, 2012

On the Set for Quilting Arts Workshop

 Here are a few more images from taping day at Quilting Arts Workshop.  This is not the Quilting Arts TV series where the artist is sharing the set with a host.  This is just me teaching and demonstrating my technique all by myself.  Above, we are deciding whether I should be standing or sitting for the taping.  They have to set up the camera for one or the other.
 Here are the smaller pieces I brought in as details for the technique.  The floral piece in the upper right corner is the project for the demo.  Below, the next two photos show the wall hangings I brought for my background.  The cottonwood piece on the left and the seedpod piece on the far right have not yet been shown on the blog (I expect to get around to showing the process for them at some point).  Some of you may recognize the red and yellow piece in the center that was one of the first pieces I did in this style.

We ended up deciding I should be seated for the taping.   I really do not know when the DVD will be available for release.  I am sure they have to edit and prepare for production.  I'll keep you posted as I learn more!

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Cäcilia said...

Great! I am looking forward for it beeing available!