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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Pueblo Bonito in Chaco Canyon

 The wonderful thing about visiting this remote park is the opportunity to tour at your own pace. We had a guidebook that explained what we were looking at, but otherwise, we were completely on our own.  There were not many people there, so most of my pictures show the ruins without strangers in the pictures!  I did try taking a few of Joe to give a sense of perspective (and to prove we were really there!)

Pueblo Bonito was the center of Chaco society.  By 1050, Chaco was the ceremonial, administrative, and economic center of the San Juan Basin with a large sphere of influence.  Roads linked dozens of Chaco Canyon great houses to over 150 great houses in the region.  Pueblo Bonito was a gathering place where people converged for ceremonies and trade.

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Dahn said...

This was so interesting to read. Thanks for sharing it. I have not travelled in the USA very much, (except Alaska since I live beside this State), so love to read about your travels. We do similar things on 'vacations'.