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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Orchid Show - Travel Log Tuesday

I just had to share a few more pictures from the Orchid Show at the Denver Botanical Gardens.
We visited in February.

I do have one orchid plant, but I am thinking I may get rid of my other houseplants and just try to grow orchids on the big 12 foot wide windowsill I have in my studio!  I think I could find a way to have some blooming mostly year around.  They say orchids tend to bloom once a year at the same time, so if I just keep buying a new one when I have nothing blooming - perhaps I will have a continual show.  I am not sure the light, temperature, and humidity is OK in the location I have in mind, though.  I need to do a bit of research.   Or maybe just some trial and error.


Susan Turney said...

In Minnesota I had several orchids. They loved the south facing windows and, of course the #%^€£+ humidity. Now I live in Las Vegas and thought my orchid growing days were over. Wrong! I bought one at Trader Joe's about a year and a half ago and was given one for my birthday last year. Both are Phals..the easiest to grow..and both are in spike right now with lots of buds. They sit in a south facing window and I water them every 4 to 5 days since we have so little humidity.
I have a friend who has the greenest thumb ever and he taught me how to water. I just take them to the sink and really saturate the moss but the secret is to drain, drain, drain until there are no drips. He always said they don't like wet feet and they don't like cold feet!
I have some great fertilizer but can't find it here so will have to do some searching when I run out. I only fertilize every 3-4 waterings and it's a very weak solution.
I don't remember the name because I put it in a pottery piece but it was for greener leaves and bigger blooms. I also used it on my tomato in MN.
I'm really surprised at how they're thriving because as we'll as the low humidity we supposedly also have really crappy water! I do think the key is using the proper watering technique.
Good luck with your's!!

Eileen Torgerson said...

Are you a part of the art group with Brooke Atherton? Can't find a way to contact her... going to be in Billings for a month & like to make contact with the group. I'll bring you some orchid food & an orchid - I'm disbanding!

Maybe you would email me?

Just made my debut in QArts! Kona Coffee. I always love seeing you on the cover & admire youlqr work.!!