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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Red Deconstructed Circles

 I tried to find a picture of the original deconstructed screen printed fabric I started with, but I cannot find one.  I am thinking perhaps I did not take a photo because I was so profoundly disappointed with my results.  This first piece of screen printed fabric I ever did had problems because the red dye bled with the washout and the whole thing was pink.  So I overpainted the whole thing with yellow - which improved it only slightly.  Above, I have an image of a 12" square piece I did using some small scraps of that fabric - just to give you an idea where I started.

I am not sure what made me decide to cut it all up into circles, but I did it one day and then put them aside.  When I unburied them during a studio purge - I auditioned them with some hand painted gray leftover from my Evening Walk series.    I thought this showed promise, so I continued on with it.

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