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Monday, March 24, 2014

Bark Scorpion

 I found this scorpion hiding in a pair of jeans I had tossed onto the floor of the laundry room after they got wet on the beach.  They were there for a day or two before I did laundry and I searched all the pockets (as I would at home in Montana) before putting the jeans into the washing machine.  After I putting them down, the scorpion came out from a fold in the pants leg.  We have some pretty benign, sort of similar looking scorpions in Montana, so I was not very concerned.  I took him outside to get a photo before releasing him.  Later, when I looked him up - I discovered this is the most venomous scorpion in North America!


Louisa said...

Yoiks! Close call there! He's kind of cute though. I guess throwing your clothes on the floor isn't a good idea, huh?

janice pd said...

Cute, huh? When I moved to AR my first encounter with these wonders of nature was when a new puppy was playing with one in the living room. I always shake my shoes out that have been left in the mudroom now.