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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Schuk Toak Visitor Center at El Pinacate Biosphere

 The  Schuk Toak Museum is a new facility at the park.   It is located in a different area, some 20 km away from the dirt road through the park.  The road to the museum is paved and there is parking and even flush toilets!  The structure has been built on top of a lava flow and is 100% off the grid.  They use solar and wind energy for operating the facility.  This building is quite close to Rocky Point - so even if you don't wish to drive through the park on the dirt road - this is a good place to get an overview of the volcanic activity that shaped this area.  The guide even speaks English.
I loved seeing these bushes growing in the cracks of this massive lava flow near the entry to Schuk Toak visitor center.

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