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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Elaine's Day at Montana Art Quilt Retreat

Here are some of Elaine's art fabrics from the Montana Art Quilt Retreat. Techniques included here: fabric painting, screen printing, paintstick rubbings, foil with screened adhesive, screen printing with paint, and stamping.

The next three pictures show Elaine in the process of making a print with a gelatin plate.

For the Montana Art Quilt Retreat, gelatin was poured into aluminum casserole covers from the party store (these come in various sizes and shapes). Once the gelatin set up, the edge of the aluminum cover was folded away, and paint was applied to the surface of the gelatin plate.

Elaine placed grasses and mesh ribbon in a design over the paint on her plate.

She carefully pressed white cotton fabric over it.

When she lifted the fabric, it was imprinted with the image of the grass and mesh ribbon.

Here are a group of Elaine's gelatin prints.

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