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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Saturday's Gradations

These three colors of gradations were dyed using the same soda ash water. The dye exhausts but the soda ash remains the same so it continues to work to fix the dye. I dyed four other colors yesterday. Today, I started with the "Maroon Brown" on the left. The next color was "Chocolate Brown" in the middle. I did the "Deep Orange" next. I thought there might be some shading to the orange due to leftover dye from the brown, but that was not the case. The orange is very vivid, even though the water I used for dyeing it was a dirty mud color.

Next I will do a series of red gradations.

Below is a picture my sister sent to me earlier this month. She was out riding her horse on her ranch and she came across this baby antelope. I've never seen one this young, so was happy to have this picture.


joyce said...

I love the way your gradations are turning out. What size of containers are you using for your half yard pieces?

Vicki W said...

All of the gradation sets look great! I've done fabric dyeing but have not tried doing gradations - I'll have to give it a try now!